Dimensional Learning

Instruction e>|<ist the basic structure of prosperity. We work to provide for our Alkebulan continent in particular and the Adamite genicity in general deep quality programs that compile intelligible and utilitative research, facts, methods and e>|<periences of Arts >< Civilizations, Health >< Economy, E>|<perimental >< Discursive .Ratiocination, Social >< Corporate .Responsibility and Technology.

Virtual Community-based Architecture

The Bitti Community University regard virtual technology&nbsp;as it&nbsp;e&gt;|&lt;ist, nothing more&nbsp;or better: useful contemporary means by which actual&nbsp;individuals and communities can facilitate the transmission of&nbsp;information and opportunities.&nbsp;We use virtual tools to help individuals and communities achieve Real Development in the actual&nbsp;world.

Real Development Education

Education e&gt;|&lt;ist the superstructure of Instruction and metastructure of enduring and positive prosperity. The Bitti Community University high workporative values and mission&nbsp;revolve ceaselessly around helping&nbsp;people&nbsp;achieve what we have come to urgently call&nbsp;Real Development: material, spiritual, moral and intellectual prosperity.


Bitti Community University
Foundational Asseveration.

أَخبرنا أبو جعفرمحمد بن يعقوب قال: حدثّني عدّة من أصحابنا منهم محمّد بن يحيى العطار, عن أحمد بن محمّد, عن الحسن بن محبوب, عن العلا بن رزين, عن محمّد بن مسلم, عن أبي جعفر عليه السلام قال: لمّا خلق الله عزّ وجلّ العقل استنطقه ثمّ قال له: أقبل فأقبل ثمّ قال له: أدبر فأدبر ثمّ قال: وعزّتي وجلالي ما خلقت خلقاً هو أحبٌ إلىً منك ولا أكملتك إلاّ فيمن أُحبٌ, أما إنّي إيّاك آمر, وإيّاك أنهى, وإيَاك أٌعاقب, وإيّاك أُثيب.

Al-Kulayni’s disciples say: Abu Ja`far Muhammad ibn Ya`qub (al-Kulayni, the compiler of al-Kafi informed us, saying: A group of our companions (i.e. al-Kulayni’s teachers), among them Muhammad ibn Yahya al-`Altar, narrated to us from Ahmad ibn Muhammad , he from al-Hasan ibn Mahbub, from al ‘Ata’ ibn Razin , from Muhammad ibn Muslims from Abu Ja’far – The Fifth Imam Al-Baqir   that he said:

When Allah  created the Intellect (al-`Aql), He examined it. Then He said to it: `Come forward!’ It came forward. Then He said: `Go back!’ It went back. Then He said: `By My Power and Majesty, I didn’t create any creature dearer to me than you! I will not make you perfect except in one whom I love. Indeed, My orders and-prohibitions address to you. And for you My rewards and retributions reserve.’

Those who call themselves ‘Intellectuals’ have the Burden of Proof of Serving Truth.

Today, their critical lifelines to Clear Intellect strangulated by imported neckties of imitation, subservience and bondage pseudo-intellectuals serve Money and subserve those who serve Money.

The people, globally, poorer by the day morally, spiritually, intellectually and Last and Least materially betrayed as mere footstools of the pseudo-intellectuals ambitions and lust of domination and self-importance over what they call in their elitist delusions and deep inside them: “the masses”.

We do not serve Money.

The Weightless Crown of the Burden of Intellect e>|<ist to Serve Truth with Truth.


Bitti Community University e>|<ist an online education and instruction site which impart knowledge and skills to million of users worldwide.

Dakar, Senegal

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